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The Undercover Diva

Dr. Samantha Imani Cole
3 May 1986
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Growing up, Sam's life was almost perfect. She enjoyed the sort of life being lower upper class could provide. Best school, nice house, trendy clothes, popularity, and equally wealthy and accomplished boyfriend. She was truly living the teen dream. The only possible problem was her blood.

Thanks to a fertility treatment that included the drug Bromicine her mother used to get pregnant, Sam was born afflicted. She was an empath of sorts though instead of feeling emotions she could tell what was medically ailing a person just by being in the same room with them. As a child she always knew when her grandma's feet were hurting her or when one of her dad's migraines were coming on. It had to be kept a secret because her father waas a politician just starting his career and they didn't know how having a Bromicine affected or "Heavenly Child" would effect him in the polls. It was a good thing they were cautious because by the late 80s all known Heavenly Children were being shipped to a facility call The Center.

Sam had hiding in plain sight down to a science. A few times a year she stayed home "sick" so people wouldn't realize her body efficiently fought off most disease. Her grades were impressive but nothing that would draw too much attention. So when her father, a candidate for Senator, told her the family was going to do a publicity tour at The Center, she shouldn't have been too worried but she was. Right from the start she didn't want to go. Maybe it was a sixth sense thing or maybe she was just smart enough to know better than to tempt fate but she didn't have much choice. However, her parents should have listened to her gut because The Center was like a roach motel. Heavenly Children could go in but they couldn't get out. Not even the daughter of the future Senator.

Once it got out what she was, her life was over. Her future, the one she so carefully mapped out was over. Even her father's career hit a huge rough patch. It almost cost him the election. The only bright spot in her whole time there was a boy named Clarke. Right from the start she thought he was cute but when he took it upon himself to show her how things worked, she saw how sweet he could be too. The only problem was that The Center strictly discouraged any sort of romantic pairings. If they saw two people spending too much time together they would invent ways to break them up. Forcing them to interact with others. The base was heavily monitored with cameras and doctors or guards everywhere. There was no place that kids could sneak away for a while to have a little privacy. They learned that the hard way the one and only time Clarke and Sam hooked up. They thought they were being careful but they were still caught, immediately separated and when Congress declared that the kids should be released; That holding them against their will was unconstitutional. Sam was sure she would never see Clarke again.

Now, years later, she's been trying to put back the pieces of her broken life. Her scholarship to Georgetown was long gone but thankfully her father had the money to still send her. She was even able to fast track through some of her undergrad classes so she could catch up. Nothing was going to derail her life this time. She'd worked too hard and come to far to let anything get in the way of her dreams again.

((Jessica owns herself. centerishome (Clarke) belongs to his mun but Sam and the universe are mine. Everyone is over the age of 18.))

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